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Keep bugs away – the natural way!

We are well into Spring now, and if you have to the lake you’ll probably have had an encounter or two with mosquitoes! This past week has been great for mosquitoes as it’s been cool and damp. There are a lot of you out there who are looking for natural alternatives to prot
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Seasonal Allergies? We can help!

Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? Do you have itchy, eyes, a runny nose and feeling generally tired? Bioenergetics can help you find relief! Call us today to book an appointment with Moragh Lippert, RHN, Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner. She will help find the best solut
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DIY Spring Cleaning Recipes

Making your own cleaning products for the kitchen is both economical and good for your health. When you’re using baking soda, vinegar, and water, you can feel pretty confident that the cleaning you’re doing isn’t hurting you or the environment. What You Need Ingredie
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Spring Cleanse: which is best for you?

We put together this blog post for you so that you can learn more about Renewlife cleanses, and which one would work best for you depending on what you’ve done in the past and how much time you have to dedicate to your cleanse. Happy cleansing! CleanseSMART Revitalize your healt
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Back to School Nutrition for Kids

Omega 3 Food for Kids in Guelph
Did you know consuming Omega 3 rich foods such as flaxseeds, salmon, eggs, fish, pumpkin seeds and walnuts can significantly improve your child’s brain function and cognitive learning? Rev up your kids performance in school this year by improving their nutrition with wholesome healing
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