Back to School Supplements

Back to school nutrition for kids is a hot topic this month and rightly so as it is essential for improving mood as well as physical and mental performance.  Preparing healthy foods for energy, brain function and immune support is indispensable, but is it enough?  Many children are fussy or light eaters and much of our food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be.  A multi-vitamin and a high DHA fish oil are a must.  For immune health Vitamin C, Vitamin D and herbal immune boosters can help get them through the cold and flu season.  Also, because protein is an essential building block for growth and hormone function a good quality protein powder blended into a tasty shake can be a quick and easy way to get them out the door and off to a great start!

Visit our  knowledgeable staff at Body of Health for advice on the best choices for your kids. There are many options and we will help you choose based on what your individual needs are.

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