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Wednesday, January 29th from 5:30pm – 7:00pm

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Detox Products



Choleretic and Cholagogue

  • Food related nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Drains the gall bladder
  • Increases bile production
  • Increases biliary secretion
  • Stimulates the digestive organs
  • Hangovers
  • Overeating

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Ultimate Maca Energy

Ultimate Maca Energy 

Ultimate Maca Energy is made with 100% pure, traditionally sundried, natural and certified organic maca root grown exclusively in the Andean highland zones of Peru at altitudes of 14,000 ft., in a region of intense sunlight, winds and below freezing temperatures, where no other crops can survive. Ultimate Maca Energy maca root has many health benefits and scientifically tested properties.1 In addition to being a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates, our maca also contains an impressive array of bioactive components, which are responsible for its numerous benefits. Continue reading “Ultimate Maca Energy” »

What are Good Sources of Protein?

Protein Supplements Guelph

We all know that protein is essential to our daily lives; we crave high protein foods for good reason. Protein builds our tissues including lean muscle mass and helps us maintain a healthy body weight. Protein helps balance our blood sugar levels and boost our immune systems. It is also necessary for the formation of hormones including the feel good hormone serotonin and the good night’s sleep hormone melatonin. Athletes, children and the elderly have especially high demands for protein as it aids in recovery, growth and the prevention of muscle wasting. A serving of high quality protein with each meal is ideal. So how do we get more protein into our diets? Try including lean organic meats, eggs and dairy products along with beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. A fun, easy and tasty way to get more protein in your diet is to use a high quality grain or whey based protein powder like the ones we carry here at Body of Health! Our staff can help you choose the one that’s right for you, whether it’s organic, sprouted or vanilla breeze flavoured we’ve got the right product for you! Check out the links below for great protein powder recipe ideas and more info on protein. Continue reading “What are Good Sources of Protein?” »

Expert Advice

Expert Advice Guelph

With an aging population, cognitive function declines, and the risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s becomes more of a reality. However, an increasing number of people are looking to enhance normal cognitive function in their younger years.

Studies have found that PQQ effectively protects nerve cells from damage and death, and enhances the production of nerve growth factor (NGF, a key protein involved in the growth and survival of nerve cells). This will help with the brain’s plasticity by building new connections (called synapses) between brain cells, which is important in learning. Human clinical trials have shown PQQ improves attention, processing ability, and short-term memory, among other benefits. Continue reading “Expert Advice” »

Back to School Supplements

Back to school nutrition for kids is a hot topic this month and rightly so as it is essential for improving mood as well as physical and mental performance.  Preparing healthy foods for energy, brain function and immune support is indispensable, but is it enough?  Many children are fussy or light eaters and much of our food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be.  A multi-vitamin and a high DHA fish oil are a must.  For immune health Vitamin C, Vitamin D and herbal immune boosters can help get them through the cold and flu season.  Also, because protein is an essential building block for growth and hormone function a good quality protein powder blended into a tasty shake can be a quick and easy way to get them out the door and off to a great start! Continue reading “Back to School Supplements” »

Back to School Nutrition for Kids

Omega 3 Food for Kids in Guelph

Did you know consuming Omega 3 rich foods such as flaxseeds, salmon, eggs, fish, pumpkin seeds and walnuts can significantly improve your child’s brain function and cognitive learning? Rev up your kids performance in school this year by improving their nutrition with wholesome healing foods which boost IQ and memory, improve performance in sports and regulate their mood and behaviour. Continue reading “Back to School Nutrition for Kids” »