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We are absolutely swooning over the new Copper H20 Water Bottles we’ve recently brought in to our store! Not only are they gorgeous, but they have some pretty incredible health benefits including:
• the balance of the three ayruvedic doshas in our bodies (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha)
• transformation of the water stored in the bottle to alkaline water
• being naturally antibacterial
• being rich in antioxidants and therefore helps eliminate toxins and free radicals
Okay, so they’re stunning AND they’re good for your health. There’s more?!
Copper H20 donates 15% of their profits to several non-profit organizations to work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries!
We could not resist sharing this product with you!
Want to learn more? Check out their website to learn all about the business initiatives they are taking!

Make your own Outdoor Bug Spray

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‘Tis the season for camping, swimming, boating, biking, hiking and BUGS! Don’t let these little pests ruin your fun. Make your own natural bug repellent that you can feel safe using on your whole family!

We all know that bug bites can be a real pain, yet itchy bumps or even viruses spread by blood-sucking pests are not the end of our worries when fighting off summer bugs. Beware of DEET; the compound originally created for military use that is present in most insect repellents, and has the potential for many negative and toxic effects.

There have been medical cases linking DEET to dermal and neurological problems, as well as brain damage and generalized seizures. Some even believe that insect repellents with less, but still present amounts of DEET can be even more harmful. These repellents contain more alcohol, which subsequently allows the DEET that is present to be more easily absorbed by the skin.

Children are especially at risk and can more easily come to harm from DEET. Their skin is more susceptible to absorbing chemicals, and their nervous systems are still developing. Almost all reported cases of significant toxicity and side effects from DEET have been in children. Accidental ingestion of DEET is also very dangerous, and an accident that young children are more susceptible to.

Regardless of the number and severity of reported cases regarding DEET, it is inherently harmful to the human body. We therefore suggest fighting summer pests the natural way by creating your own natural bug repellent.

Lemon-scented oils, conifer oils, and aromatics such as basil and lavender all have repellent properties when it comes to insects. However, they need to be combined in the proper quantities with a base. Therefore we have simplified things for you and have created a highly effective and simple to make home-made bug repellent recipe!

Outdoor Spray Recipe Directions

In a spray bottle combine:

1 cup witch hazel

15 drops citronella oil

15 drops lemongrass oil

10 drops lavender oil

*Shake Well Before Use


Visit Body of Health to pick up all of the ingredients you need to make your own insect repellent. When you purchase all of the ingredients listed, you will receive 10% off.

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Allibiotic: an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Buy Allibiotic in Guelph, Ontario

Buy Allibiotic in Guelph, ONtario

Innovite Health PQQ

Current research has linked cognitive decline and age-related degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s with dysfunctional mitochondria. Innovite Health is the leader in science-backed cognitive health products. Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) is a ground-breaking innovation that transforms an aging brain.


• Supercharges cells. Maintains mitochondria,the cell “power plants”.

o Re-energizes high energy consuming brain cells.

o Promotes growth of new mitochondria, reversing age-related decay.

• Promotes nerve growth. Critical to rebuilding neural pathways.

• 5000X more antioxidant/neuroprotective power.

Stronger than Vit. C.



• The only 100% natural PQQ. Naturally derived. Non synthetic.

• Patented purifi cation. Helps boost absorption.

• Human clinical trials. Proven enhanced memory and concentration.

Innovite Body of Health

Try Innovite Health PQQ. Sharpen your mind. Feel the difference.

Your neighbourhood retailer is the source for the latest research, trends and product knowledge to address the health needs of today’s value-driven consumer. Consult with these local health experts in choosing which product is right for you and your family.

De-Stress: A Naturopathic Approach to Restoring Energy & Relieving Stress

Promotional Products at Body of Health

Promotional Products at Body of Health

How Does Stress Affect My Body?
Stress-related ailments account for about 75-95% of all doctor’s visits, yet it goes mostly undiagnosed. There is no real medical treatment for stress! Continue reading “De-Stress: A Naturopathic Approach to Restoring Energy & Relieving Stress” »

Medi-C Plus

Medi C Body of Health

Medi C Body of Health

Digest Spectrum by Enzymedica

Digest Spectrum from Body of Health

Digest Spectrum from Body of HealthComplete Food Intolerance Support

Food intolerances are common. Even individuals who maintain a healthy diet experience difficulty with digestion from time to time. Foods containing gluten, casein, dairy lactose and phenols are frequent triggers for both adults and children.

Digest Spectrum

Offers complete support for individuals with multiple food intolerances.* A single dose of Digest Spectrum provides multiple strains of specialized enzymes for gluten, phenol, lactose and casein digestion.

Use in Combination with Special Diets

Reducing or eliminating the foods which trigger digestive problems is a key part of managing food intolerance. Digest Spectrum contains no egg, corn, dairy, rice, soy, potato, gluten, wheat, yeast, nuts, artificial colors or fillers, preservatives, casein or sugar, making it an ideal supplement for children and adults with multiple dietary intolerances.


Vaccin Aide from Body of HealthVaccin Aide at Body of Health


Junior New Roots

Children's Vitamins & Nutrients from Body of Health